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Welcome to Phnxman and thank you for visiting

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Welcome to Phnxman and thank you for visiting, I hope that you will enjoy my content on the my site. I will try to give you as much value that I can.

Welcome to Phnxman and thank you for visiting, so Phnxman, Who are you?

I’m a young modern man in my youth, I’m 30+ years old something. My goal with this is to try to give you good value with the content, and hopefully help you with some tips and tricks, and also give my reviews, and top lists on things that have or is helping me with my goals, and want to help you to.

Interest and motivation

I have a big interest in making money of course and making money online especially, in my case I make money online with affiliate marketing. In general, my interest in lifestyle and men’s style, dating, fragrances, and how to be a high value man.

So my motivation with this site is of course that I want to make some extra income and it’s my hobby and my side hustle at the same time, I’m atm just starting. My goal is to give tips that have helped me to generate extra cash or a full income. I also would like to give some tips regarding other things, later on, I’m all about what I mentioned above – that I’m a man of god.

I mean I’m a man of god but I love women, but it helps with a certain lifestyle if you have money and wealth, that helps the process of the lifestyle that attracts women into your life, it’s a good tool to have, the money I mean…

Trying to make money incognito or anonymous online

One side note is that I want to be anonymously doing this hobby of mine…But I’m a real human and try hard at this and my incognito name is “Phnxman” standing for “phoenix man”, but that’s a long story for another blog.

Feel free to give me feedback and I hope you will enjoy my content here at

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